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coronavirus update

As we all would be aware the coronavirus situation is changing rapidly and we must stay on top of and listen to the advice afforded to us from the Australian Government and medical officials.

Some new rules were introduced yesterday to take effect as of Monday this week. Remember we ALL have a responsibility to help in stopping the spread and here are the rules that will affect our workers, your services and supports and what we would like to happen from here.

The following are procedure’s we wish for all Clients to follow when Accuro Homecare Direct Support Workers are attending to your services and supports and to services that require PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

  • The worker will Knock on your door and retreat back at least 1.5 metres.
  • When you answer the door you will now be asked the following questions. Please answer them truthfully:

Direct Support Worker - Alison

Alison spent 7 years working for a family as a Nanny. As that job was coming to an end she chose to pursue a career as a Direct Support Worker. She knew the work was available and already had many of the skills needed so she completed the Cert III in Individual Support and applied to work with Accuro. A year later, Alison is a dependable and honest worker who performs her duties well. 

Corona Virus, updated

The results of our research and assessments have determined our policy and procedures in relation COVID-19 and below is what we are asking our clients, NDIS participants and partnered organisations to assist us with:

If a client has any of the following illness symptoms:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Runny nose
  • Shortness of breath
  • Sore throat
  • Fatigue AND / OR

       has travelled to any country outside of Australia AND /OR

Direct Support Worker Tennille

Tennille joined Accuro about 12 months ago after completing her Certificate III in Individual Support. Her decision to do this came from a desire to get more involved with caring for others after her interactions with the residents and their families while working at an aged care facility. Being a Direct Support Worker also has the flexibility that suits her family.


Accuro Homecare is committed to contributing as much as possible to the safety and security of its clients, employees and the greater community.

With the current outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) at the forefront of people’s thoughts recently and this risk it presents we have conducted extensive research, investigations, risk assessments etc to make the impact of COVID-19 as minimal as possible, to the extent of our organisations influence. We, as all of us in the community should, have a duty of care to do all in our power to minimise the effects of this virus for the entire population.

Michael, an Accuro Homecare client

Michael has a degenerative eye disorder that has caused him to lose his eyesight very quickly. He decided to seek support after he was no longer able to work. Originally he was with another company who brokered to their services to Accuro Homecare but when his NDIS package came through he decided to go direct to Accuro as he knew and liked the Direct Support Workers performing his services.


Employee Appreciation Day is an unofficial holiday observed on the 1st Friday of March every year by the USA and Canada. Not to be outdone, we've decided to use this day to pay homage to all of our Direct Support Workers for the wonderful work they have done throughout the last 12 months to help make Accuro Homecare a reputable and well recognised organisation in the community.