Kirsty has worked in many nursing homes on the Central Coast over the years but decided to join the Homecare industry for the flexible hours and diversity of tasks. Kirsty has a busy life, raising 3 kids, helping with the family business and working weekends at a health shop in Warriewood, but even with all this on her plate, she still managed to earn herself an employee of the month award. She received this award by providing exceptional continuity of care, taking on extra services in an already busy schedule and from receiving great feedback from her clients.

We asked Kirsty what her typical day entails. Her response, "8am - Client crying in pain. I put my counsellor head on and provide a good ear while we go shopping, make breakfast and complete household chores. 11am - Take client to Physio, bring her home, wash up, clean the kitchen and look at some family photos together. Then some domestic tasks. A 2 story house. Not something I enjoy however the client appreciates what I do so i'm happy."

Kirsty's tip for working in Homecare, "be flexible, be open minded and respect a clients right to make their own decisions."