Accuro Homecare Terms and Conditions of Business for Brokerage
Services 2022/23 Financial Year

Shift definitions are as per the Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry Award 2010 and are outlined as an example in the below table:

Shift Definitions & Penalties - All prices listed are exclusive to GST

Shift or service type


AM Shift 

Shifts from 6am to 8pm

PM Shift 

Shifts start after 8pm Monday through to Friday

Night Shift 

Finishes after midnight or commences before 6am

Saturday Rates 

Apply to any time worked between midnight Friday and midnight Saturday

Sunday Rates 

Apply to any time worked between midnight Saturday and midnight Sunday


Charged at the standard hourly rate for the day the hour falls on. Must be an 8hr shift. Services either side of those hours will be charged as per Services Charges table below.

24 hour care shift 

Charged as a Flat Rate $536 per shift with a maximum of 8 hours active work

Public Holiday Rates

Apply to any time worked between midnight on the night prior to the public holiday and midnight of the public holiday

KM allowance

Kilometre allowance payable for travel during services - $1.20

Standard rate

Standard rate for services each day

Client services under 2 hours

Rate is applied to service requests when made after 5pm on the day before the service or on the same day requests.

Short notice - Cancellation fees

Full service cancellation fees will apply to any service cancelled after 5 pm the day before

Late notice - Cancellation fees

A one hour cancellation fee will apply to any service cancelled after 5pm two days before (excluding above).

Table 1.1

Service Charges


Hourly rate



holiday rate



Standard rate







Premium rate for services under 2 hours duration or booked at late notice







Late notice requests for services under 2 hours







Table 1.2

Non Standard Services:

Service Type Description
Hourly rate for participation in compliance audits Accuro Leadership and relevant team members being made available to participate in Q&A processes re compliance audits - $80 per hour per staff member involved.
Case conferences Participation in case conferences for complex care arrangements and client health concerns - $55 per hour

Accounts and invoices
You can contact our accounts team via – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Or call us on 1300 554 983. Our preferred payment terms are 14 days, and we would appreciate your team’s prompt payment of invoices. Our system will generate payment reminders to your team. If you wish to change the terms and conditions of payment, please contact our accounts team to discuss.

Accuro Homecare Service Requests
Our processes and contact details
When making a request for services or supports for one of your clients we request that
you provide us with some information to allow us to deliver the quality services you
Information we request from you

  • Address, Parking, Access Details, pets on site, known hazards
  • Any specific training the worker may require (PEG feeding, Bowel Care etc)
  • The contact details for the client's Case Manager/Coordinator

Client Information:

  •  Client Name/s and contact information to be used to advise clients of late or
    changed services
  •  Medical Diagnosis
  • Medication Information
  • Challenging behaviours present
  • Client’s Likes and dislikes
  • Duties & Responsibilities of the Support Worker
  • Community Access
  • Personal Care Requirements
  • Manual Handling Requirements
  • Additional Information – issues to be aware of, family connections, staff

Booking a service with us
You can make a booking with our team by calling or emailing us:
Bookings Number: 1300 554 983
Bookings Email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Please note – services that run less than 15 mins over time will be adjusted automatically. This additional time will be recorded on and emailed through to your team contact by COB on the day of service.
We know that often services run a little over the booked time and we will seek your team’s approval for any service that runs more than 15mins over the agreed booking time, before extending a service.