Accuro Homecare values the safety and wellbeing of our participants and as such have been working on how we can support our participants if an emergency was to happen. As part of the service we provide to our participants, we are offering the opportunity to assist them in completing their own Personal Emergency Management Plan.

What is a Personal Emergency Management Plan?

A Personal Emergency Management Plan is a plan that is specific to the person it is for and sets out what to do in an emergency. Emergencies can happen to anyone – ranging from something smaller, such as a power outage or brief heatwave, to a much larger disaster such as a major bushfire or tsunami.

Have you thought about what you would do if you lost power to your home for a few days? How would you eat? Would this affect any medical equipment you may have that needs power? How would you charge your phone so that you can continue to communicate with the people around you? Or, what if you needed to evacuate your home - where would you go and how would you get there? Would you need help to leave the home or could you manage on your own? What would you need to take with you?

These are just some of the questions that a Personal Emergency Management Plan can answer. Taking the time now to develop a plan means that if an emergency were to happen, you and your support people would know what to do. In an emergency seconds matter, so having a clear plan could be the difference in saving your life.

How can you get your own Personal Emergency Management Plan?

If you are currently receiving services from Accuro Homecare, we would be happy to assist you with making your own plan. We have trained specialist staff who can come out and meet with you and spend the time with you to create your plan. If you would like to go ahead with this service, please complete the below form and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Where can I find out more?

If you would like to find out more about Personal Emergency Management Plans, the Deaf Society and The Red Cross have developed a series of Auslan videos which talks through how you can prepare for any type of emergency and describes the steps you can take to safeguard yourself, your home and your loved ones.

You can find the videos through the link below. We will also be posting these videos each week on our Facebook and Instagram social media pages – just search for Accuro Homecare and follow us.


If you have any further questions or would like to discuss this further, one of our friendly staff members will be happy to help - you can call our office on 1300 554 983 during business hours.