Welcome to Accuro Homecare - Your NDIS services and supports

Accuro Homecare Customer handbook

Our mission is to make independent living possible at any age and provide customers with the supports and services they need to live independently in their own homes.

Your Rights

Everyone who receives services from Accuro Homecare has the right to...

Your responsibilities

While you are receiving support services from Accuro Homecare, we ask that you do the following

Your Support Plan

Your support plan includes information about what supports you would like us to provide

Your Service Agreement

A service agreement is an agreement between you and your service provider.

Your Privacy & Confidentiality

The only information Accuro Homecare will keep about you is the information we need to provide you with our service

Fees & Charges

Before you agree to our services, we will give you a quote. We will tell you how much your services will cost before we start providing services

Accidents, Breakages, Damages & Theft

If there have been any accidents, breakages, damages and/or theft of your property you need to tell us

Feedback, Compliments & Complaints

You can talk to us if you would like to make a complaint or give us a compliment about the service you have received

Personal Emergency Management Plan

A Personal Emergency Management Plan is a plan that helps you to be ready in an emergency