Many of you may be wondering what it takes to run a Home Care business such as Accuro Home and Community Care. Here’s a look behind the scenes to get an idea.

Starting from the top, we have our illustrious leader, Director Jaye Giles. He was a founding father of the Accuro Home and Community Care business many years ago and continues to lead the way into the future with the aim of providing the best Direct Support Workers in the business. Part if his role is to ensure everything we do is above board. This includes industry compliance, OHS matters, employee wages and conditions. He also manages our relationships with other businesses and government departments and looks for opportunities to further our business in the industry.

We have close to 100 part time Direct Support Workers who perform well over 1000 services a week for our clients. This is expected to increase. These services are received, scheduled and dispatched to our Direct Support Workers by our service coordinators who process dozens of calls and emails a day.  This can happen at a frantic pace and involves many variables, so these coordinators need to be on their toes and make many considerations with each service that they dispatch. Things can go haywire, workers call in sick, clients change the schedule, even a traffic accident can have a bearing on how a service is dispatched but they have learnt through working closely and communicating clearly how to deal with whatever presents itself in a prompt and professional matter.  They also often lend an ear to a client who may need someone to talk to. Many of our clients live isolated lives or may have trouble in a social setting for whatever reason.

Training is a big part of what we do. Our senior office staff attend industry forums and undertake relevant studies to increase their skill level. Our Direct Support Workers are required to complete over 50 training guides within the first 3 months of employment. We also offer  free industry training through third party organisations. After all, it is our goal to have the best Direct Support Workers in the business.

There are others here who help keep the place ticking along but that should hopefully give you some idea on what it takes to run a Home Care business.