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The following are procedure’s we wish for all Clients to follow when Accuro Homecare Direct Support Workers are attending to your services and supports and to services that require PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

  • The worker will Knock on your door and retreat back at least 1.5 metres.
  • When you answer the door you will now be asked the following questions. Please answer them truthfully:
  • Have you or anyone in the residence been overseas in the last 14 days or been in contact with anyone that has been overseas in the last 14 days
  • Have you or anyone in the residence been in close contact with anyone that has a confirmed case of coronavirus
  • Are you or anyone in the residence unwell in any way.
  • If you answer yes to any of the above or if you answer no and the worker suspect’s that you are ill they will have to call Head Office to get some advice before attending to your service. You will most likely receive a phone call from Head Office.
  • Please follow any advice and instructions of the office, if you are unwilling to follow these instructions we will not be able to continue with the service.
  • Whilst in the service:
    • If no PPE is required:
      • Practice social distancing (1.5 metres away from others, including the worker) where practicable. Obviously if the service involves personal care or contact with the worker this is not practicable but due to the risk assessments done previously in this procedure you are fine to continue to have the service.
      • In the community:
        • If you are being transported into the community again practice social distancing from others and the worker where practicable. The worker may remind you, they are not being rude just trying to protect you.
        • You will be required to sit in the back seat on the passenger side of the car
        • If you do not need another person, such as your spouse, daughter etc to travel with you then we ask that you do not take them.
    • If PPE is required:
    • You will be required to wear a face mask during services
    • You will be required to provide the worker with a rubbish bag or similar to dispose of the PPE
    • You will be required to provide a rubbish bin for the PPE to be placed in at the end of the service.
    • You will be required to practice social distancing if practicable.
    • In some cases, due to PPE being in short supply, the worker scheduled to provide your service may not be able to. We will do our best to get another worker to attend to you. This may require a time or even day change to your service. We ask all clients to be as flexible as possible.
  • Signing off on jobs
    • Clients will no longer be required to sign off on workers phones or paperwork until further notice.

We all have a duty of care to our community, to our clients, to our workers and everyone to ensure their safety. We should contribute to slowing the spread of this terrible virus and together we can get through this with as minimal impact as possible.