I support the NDIS

The Minister for the National Disability Insurance Scheme, Stuart Robert, has announced the addition of support items to the NDIS support catalogue that assist both providers and participants to access funds to assist with the costs of additional personal protective equipment (PPE) required due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The extra costs of this equipment are quite large in most instances for providers and the ability to access these funds is most welcome and the NDIS is to be applauded for this decision.

Currently these additional line items and funds associated will be available from 29th of July until 30th of September 2020 although additional measures may be implemented depending on the progress of the pandemic.

Accuro Homecare will be implementing these line items and charges as of 6th of August to all supports that require PPE. Our Direct Support Workers will document on their device or attendance sheet what PPE was utilised during supports and ask the participant to verbally confirm what they have added. Currently Accuro Homecare clients are not permitted to touch Direct Support Workers devices or attendance sheets for infection control purposes.

It is anticipated that the NDIS will adjust participants plans to take into account the extra charges associated with PPE line items.

The charges implemented will be as such (administration costs, hand sanitiser costs and delivery fees have been taken into account when ascertaining costs):

Gloves: $1.50 per pair

Face masks: $2.70 per mask

Full PPE kit (Gloves, gown, face mask, goggles): $6.60 per kit

Please contact Accuro Homecare on 1300 554 983 for more information or queries.