Direct support worker holding a bag in the office

Alison spent 7 years working for a family as a Nanny. As that job was coming to an end she chose to pursue a career as a Direct Support Worker. She knew the work was available and already had many of the skills needed so she completed the Cert III in Individual Support and applied to work with Accuro. A year later, Alison is a dependable and honest worker who performs her duties well. 

 The best part of the job for Alison is meeting people from all walks of life. She gets to hear their life stories and what the Central Coast was like before her time. "To be good in this role, you need to be a compassionate person who can get along with most people," Alison says. Her message to anyone interested in joining the industry, "Do it, if you have no experience, go to TAFE. You won't regret it."