An infection control training certificate of acknowledgement

The Australian government has provided an online training module for workers in all sectors of health care that covers the fundamentals of COVID-19 infection control and prevention. It gives workers an understanding of how the virus is spread, what they can do to protect those they care for, how to identify the symptoms and what to do if someone has those symptoms.

All Accuro Homecare workers, including office staff, are required to complete this training. We have combined this with our own in house training and regular updates so we can continue to provide our services to our clients with as much normality as possible in these difficult times. 

If you wish, you can complete the module yourself. It's free and doesn't take long. Just go here and register.

If you're finding it difficult to cope or think you just need some helpful advice to get through these tough times, you can try Beyond Blue or Lifeline. They both provide helpful information specific to the COVID-19 outbreak and how it may be affecting you.