Man driving while wearing a mask
Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

A risk has been identified recently surrounding the use of face masks whilst driving where the Direct Support Worker is required to wear prescription glasses or sunglasses.

It has been identified and risk assessed that the glasses fog up when the mask is worn in the correct manner, causing a potentially hazardous driving environment.

Currently our COVID-19 procedures state that when transporting a client, the client must sit on the passenger side of the back seat unless unable to do so. In this scenario the client is 1.5 metres away and is considered to be socially distanced.

If the client is unable to be seated in this position in a Direct Support Workers vehicle, or there are more than one person to be transported, social distancing is now NOT occurring and the Direct Support Worker will be required to wear a mask whilst driving.

Accuro Homecare is committed to Work, Health and Safety for our Direct Support Workers and the safety, in these challenging times, for our much-valued clients. For this reason, the below will be implemented into our work practices.

What is to happen now:

  • If a Direct Support Worker is required to wear any type of eyewear whilst driving, they CANNOT wear a mask. This means they cannot transport any client other than a client that is able to sit on the rear passenger seat.
  • If a Direct Support Worker finds themselves in a position that would create a hazardous driving situation as above, they are not to proceed and call Accuro Homecare Head Office immediately. Head Office staff will research and provide a solution.