Man wearing a mask
Image by lukasz_gl from Pixabay

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic that we all find ourselves in Accuro Homecare has implemented certain extra procedures above what has currently been implemented surrounding the use of face masks and the now mandatory influenza vaccinations for all in-home care workers.

As of the 1st of May 2020, all Accuro Homecare Direct Support Workers attending to personal care or “close contact” services will wear a face mask during such services to protect you from the unlikely event of contracting either COVID-19 or influenza from the Direct Support Worker who may be an unsuspecting carrier. All Direct Support Workers have been advised to not attend to work and contact our offices if they are unwell in any way but evidence suggests that a person can be infectious whilst being asymptomatic.

As instructed by the Australian Government Department of Health all in-home care workers must have received the current years influenza vaccination by 1st of May 2020 or wear a face mask to every service they attend to. We anticipate that 90% of our Direct Support Workers will be vaccinated by this time although in some instances the vaccination is proving difficult to source. Those Direct Support Workers that have not received the vaccination will wear a face mask to every service they attend to until they are vaccinated.

We trust this assist in protecting you and in turn the community as a whole.

In Addition:

Accuro Homecare has many Direct Support Workers still available and are working at full capacity. If you require additional services and supports or a change to your current situation please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be of full assistance.