Erin has been with us as a Direct Support Worker for just over 2 years. Before coming to Accuro, she cared for others in a variety of roles including as a Nanny, in childcare and as a nursing home AIN. She chose to enter the Home Care industry because she enjoys the satisfaction of helping others.

Erin's inspiration to help others comes from spending time caring for her mother who suffers from several illnesses and is also legally blind. Erin -"I have always helped look after her and being able to help others like her so they aren’t confined to nursing homes or other institutions and able to stay in the comfort of their own home to make their quality of life better makes me feel good to know I’m doing my part."

What Erin like he most about the day to day life of a Direct Support Worker is the variety. She gets to meet people from all walks of life and gets to perform a wide range of tasks in different environments.

Erin's tip for anyone looking to join the industry in the future- "Always be open to try new things, it's very rewarding".