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Although Darren came to us after working as a manager at a bakery, he has proven himself to be a natural when it comes to caring for others. He takes a professional approach to all aspects of his role and and is much loved by his clients. Evident by the amount of positive feedback we have received from them. They seem to especially like his cooking skills - "Kelly wanted to say that Darren is respectful and always make her laugh. She always absolutely loves Darren's cooking and she always eats every bit of it. Darren's Croquembouche is delicious!". We had to Google what a Croquembouche is.

Darren has also participated in some in house training workshops to further his skills and hopes to continue with more training in the future.

Darren's tip for those looking to join the Home Care industry - "Provide the same care that you would want as a client. Enjoy your job. Clients love seeing support workers on a daily basis"