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Direct Support Worker in the office

Shelley joined Accuro Homecare as a Direct Support Worker back in 2016. Previously she worked in disability providing high needs care and community support for high needs and non verbal clients but changed to home care because of the variety of work on offer. Now, as a Direct Support Worker, she has the opportunity to support the elderly and provide palliative care as well. 

Shelley has a client the she has been providing care to now for 4 years. Shelley says - "He is an amazing person with his jokes, his ambition to achieve and surprises himself when he reaches his own goals. He has come such a long way. From not being able to walk at all, to now going for walks with the aid of a walker".

In the near future, Shelley hopes to increase her skill set and stay in touch with changing technologies to help her provide better care. She also takes time to learn from her clients as each one has something different to offer adding to the experience she brings to the roll.

Shelley's  tip if you want to join the industry -  "Don't hold back. The experiences are amazing. You'll have good days and bad days but most importantly it will bring out the best in you".