A Direct Support Worker with her client

Nicole made the decision to complete her Cert IV in the industry and become a Direct Support Worker after raising her children. Before being a mother, she worked as a music teacher, a receptionist and in other office roles but needed to fulfil her need to help others. she loves to put a smile on someones face and to provide a little company for someone who is lonely.

Nicole's typical day as a Direct Support Worker - "I get up dressed and ready, check my diary and notes of each client for the day. I then re read the notes of the first client, check messages, the forum and brush up on policies and procedures. I arrive at first client on time to not throw the day out. Some days can be busy so I’m always organised for every service. In the day I can do a variety of things from shopping to exercising with a client, to just providing a little companionship. A lot of days I clean which is tiring but I know it’s part of the job."

Nicole also enjoys learning from her older clients noting that one particular client has taught her much about aboriginal culture and their way of life.

Nicole's advice for working in the industry - "It’s tiring and rewarding, get all your immunisations updated. Have a good knowledge of the area you live in and your phone reception. Make sure you have comfortable shoes. Take meals with you and water/coffee. It’s fast paced."