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Direct Support Worker Felicity in the office

Felicity's previous experience was in nursing homes and private hospitals as an assistant in nursing. She even studied to become a mortuary technician. After a having a break from the workforce to concentrate on her family, Felicity needed a job that was inline with her previous experience and allowed her to be home when needed to look after her daughter so she joined Accuro Homecare as a Direct Support Worker.

Like many of our workers, Felicity loves the variety the role brings with no two days being the same. She also likes being a soundboard for her clients, allowing them to open up and talk about what's on their mind without judgement. She has one particular client that inspires her with her unwavering positive attitude. Despite what most would call setbacks in life, every step forward is an achievement. No matter what the day has install, she always looks on the bright side.

Felicity has a professional approach to her work by staying positive and keeping her personal life separate to her work life. She does not offload onto a client if she is having a bad day. She is there to support her client not get support.

Her advice for anyone thinking of joining the industry is simple. Just do it. It's rewarding.