Worker behind her client sitting in a chair with his dog

Four and a half years ago David was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. This type of MS is characterised by a constant worsening of symptoms from the onset of the disease. Not long after his diagnosis, his symptoms forced him to leave his job as a Revenue Office at Hunter New England Health.

In Early 2017, David sort support services to improve his quality of life and to help him maintain his independence at home. David found Accuro on the NDIS list of registered providers. Initially, Accuro provided support for David 3 days a week but as his symptoms worsened, his need for support increased and Accuro is now providing supports 7 days a week. The supports he receives include personal care, shopping, meal preparation, domestic support and social support. This allows David to stay in his home with his best mate "Maddy" for much longer than would otherwise be possible. 

David says that his Support Workers "treat me as if I was one of there own and respect my privacy" and he says of Julie (pictured) "I know that Julie genuinely cares for my welfare and she goes above and beyond". David also loves the consistency of support and workers with Julie providing him services since September 2017.