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Recently there has been a small spike of newly acquired COVID-19 cases in certain parts of Victoria. Due to this NSW Health have released a press statement with information for the Home and Community Care sector.

What this means for Accuro Homecare Clients and brokerage organisations

Our Direct Support Workers will be adding the following question to the already implemented questions when visiting a client:

  • Have you, or anyone you have been in close contact with, been in Victoria in the last 14 days? If a client answers yes:
  • The attending Direct Support Worker will call Head Office to advise of the situation
  • A head office staff member will call the client to advise of what happens from here
  • The attending Direct Support Worker will be required to wear a full PPE kit
  • The Client will need to provide a trash bin and rubbish bag for the Direct Support Worker to dispose of the PPE.
  • Head Office will contact the brokerage organisation (if applicable) and / or authorised advocates and advise of the situation.
  • The above will need occur for 14 days following the return from Victoria
  • We ask that if any client develops any symptoms consistent with COVID-19 they advise Accuro Homecare Head Office immediately.
  • We have also implemented procedures for our Direct Support Workers who have returned from Victoria so that our clients and the community are protected.

Hopefully this current spike in cases does not develop into a second wave or similar. If we all continue to implement current infection control procedures and in addition implement the above we can continue to assist stopping the spread, protecting all of us, especially our more vulnerable community.