Man holding a stay safe post it note
Image by Mohammad Fahim from Pixabay

As we all would be aware the coronavirus situation is changing rapidly and we must stay on top of and listen to the advice afforded to us from the Australian Government and medical officials.

Some new rules were introduced yesterday to take effect as of Monday this week. Remember we ALL have a responsibility to help in stopping the spread and here are the rules that will affect our workers, your services and supports and what we would like to happen from here.

  • No more than two people, in a group, in a public place:
    • Social Support Services: We understand how important it is to access the community, get out of the house and get some fresh air! Obviously, with all of the closures happening to businesses right around the country, it leaves very minimal places to actually go to! We are still prepared to take you into the community to places like a park or similar but our workers will risk assess the situation. If there are multiple people in the vicinity of where you would like to visit, we must refrain from entering that area. There will be on the spot fines for people who break the new rules and we certainly do not want you or the worker to be fined.
    • Services and Supports within the home: If a direct Support Worker is to provide services and supports within your residence, we ask that any other resident is isolated at this time. Obviously, if this is not possible, we will still conduct the service but if it is possible, we ask that you assist with this social distancing method.
  • People over 70 years of age strongly encouraged not to leave home unless absolutely necessary:
    • Whilst it is not a hard a fast rule that people over 70 do not leave their home we strongly encourage you to rethink if you really need to. This also applies to anyone with an underlying health condition where contracting COVID-19 would seriously compromise your health. At the end of the day it is YOUR decision but please, for your own well-being reconsider leaving your home. We can still attend to a service inside your home as a replacement.
  • In addition: Please advise Head Office on 1300 554 983 if you are ill, have travelled overseas recently or have been in contact with someone confirmed to have COVID-19.

We will continue to attend to all services and supports possible so that YOU can continue your life with as much normality as possible. We will also continue to update you as much as possible in this constantly changing situation.

Together we can get through this, we must work together though to ensure the safety of our entire community.