At the beginning of Cheryl's NDIS experience, she found that many of the agencies recommended to her would rarely return her calls in a timely manner. After a stay in hospital, Accuro Home Care provided her services under a Compacks program for 6 weeks in her home. When her Compacks program had finished, she asked us to provide her services as an NDIS client.

"I was impressed with their level of care and still had their business card, so I contacted Accuro and we have had an ongoing amicable relationship since then" - Cheryl.

Cheryl still lives at home by herself. But, due to health problems, she has had an ever increasing need for help in and around the home , with shopping and with getting to appointments.

The services she receives from us through her NDIS funding include;

  • Social Support
  • Personal Care
  • Domestic Support
  • Transport

"The carers provided to me have been complimentary and suited to myself personally and professionally.The duty of care the carers have extended towards me have always been apparent" - Cheryl.

With the care and support that Cheryl receives, she now feels more "secure" in her home. With her personal and household tasks attended to, she can feel proud in her clean and tidy home and "feels like a new woman" after having her hair washed!

We asked her, what do you love most about our Support Workers?

"Their empathy, their duty of care towards me, good communication and teamwork, their diligent work ethics, good driving manner, their pleasant and accommodating personalities" - Cheryl.

If you are interested in finding out what services we can provide you. Please feel free to give us a call and speak to one of our friendly office staff on 1300 554 983 or you can complete an enquiry form here