As of the 1st of February this year NDIS has made some changes to the price guide structure used by NDIS providers.

As per a recommendation from the Independent Pricing Review, a Very High Intensity pricing tier has been introduced for people with complex needs. This allows providers to charge a higher rate for supports that require staff with more skill and experience.

With this being the case, many providers and participants who require very high intensity care may need to look at recalculating their budgets and rewriting their services agreements. Participants may need to reduce their supports or increase their spending accordingly as there is no indication of packages being scaled up in accordance with the changes.

Providers will be able to charge their participants these increased rates as of the 1st of February.

In an effort to remove confusion surrounding the new pricing structure and to streamline our fees and charges, Accuro Home Care has decided to remove the Level 2 (high intensity) rates and the level 3 (very high intensity) rates and just charge the standard rate across the board. This does not mean that we cannot provide higher intensity supports, we certainly can but all supports provided will be charged at the standard rates.