staff Christmas celebration

Much fun was has by many at the recent Accuro Homecare Annual Staff Celebration. It gave the office staff a chance to catch up with those that they had not seen in about the last hour, but it was also a chance for everyone to relax and enjoy plenty of good food, a few drinks, a great band and reflect on the year that was.

Thankfully it didn't turn out like the recent movie "Office Christmas Party" starring Jason Bateman. Everyone was well behaved throughout the night, much to relief of our HR persons who sends out a big thank you to all.

We saw the annual awards handed out where a few tears were shed with the big prize, Employee of the Year, going to Donna Finch. The Director was applauded for his short speech. No sarcasm here, it was actually short. Lucky door prizes were handed out and as the night wore on, the band kicked it up a notch with some classics and many got their dancing shoes on.

It was a great way to end what has been the most successful year to date for Accuro and hopefully we can all do it again next year!