5 members of the NSW rural fire service in uniform
By NSW RFS | CC 2.0

The NSW Rural Fire Service runs a program called AIDER. This program provides one off free services to people in bush fire prone areas to help reduce the risk of fire. The service is available to those who are elderly or have a disabling condition who have limited domestic support from friends or family.

The service may include such things as;

  • Thinning vegetation around the home.
  • Removing over hanging branches.
  • Removing leaf litter from gutters.
  • Mowing and slashing

The Rural Fire Service will perform an assessment on your property and also provide advise on creating a bush fire survival plan. All work carried out on your property is performed by Rural Fire Service staff.

Unfortunately, services are currently suspended due to Corona Virus but you can still register and you will be notified when services become available.

To find out if you are on bush fire prone land, try this search tool at the RFS website. - CLICK HERE.

To register your interest and find out more about this free service you can call 02 8741 4955 or complete this form - CLICK HERE.

You can download a fact sheet for more information  - HERE


By NSW RFS | CC 2.0 license