A working with children check (WWCC) is required if a worker or volunteer performs any tasks relating to children in NSW.

The check looks at a persons police record and reviews reportable workplace misconduct. After a person receives a WWCC clearance they will be monitored for the following 5 years for any breaches.

All of our Direct Support Workers who perform any tasks involving children possess a current WWCC as per the requirements of the NSW Office of the Children's Guardian. We perform a check upon employment of a new worker and monitor its currency. If there is a breach of the WWCC by a worker, we are notified of this and the worker will no longer perform tasks involving children while Working with Accuro Home Care.

If you are interested in working in the Home Care industry, a WWCC is highly recommended. You can apply for one here

You can find out more about the skills of our Direct Support Workers here.