You are allowed to decide which approved provider holds the funds from your home care package. The best way to determine who should manage your home care package for you is to meet with them and discuss your needs. Each provider is different, so it will be good to know the following;

  • What services can they provide?
  • How much do they cost?
  • Are their any exit fees?
  • How do they ensure the quality of the workers who will be providing the services?
  • when can they provide the services you need?

It is important to consider the quality of care that you will be given and how this care will be managed.

  • Can they replace my Direct Support Worker if they go on Holidays or fall sick?
  • Can they change the schedule of my services to suit changes in my life?
  • Can I change Direct Support Workers if I don't like the one I have?
  • Can I reschedule at a moments notice?

A good provider will answer YES to the above 4 questions.

The My Aged Care website provides a pathway from the assessment of services through to the management of services. This is a useful tool to help you on your journey to better care.