help with Transport

If you need a pick up transport, wheelchair transport or errands undertaken we can assist you with a time saving service compared to taxis, community transport or public transport.

Utilise our transport services to meet your needs in remaining independent and mobile. Enjoy the comfort of the same Direct Support Worker providing you with combined services.

The Direct Support worker assigned to your transport can stay with you throughout your appointment or can simply drop you off and come back later to collect you.

Use our everyday transport for:

  • Psychologists 
  • Medical transport for doctor and dentist appointments 
  • Social engagements 
  • Visits to family 
  • Hair appointments 
  • Sports clubs 
  • Church services 
  • Airport and cruise terminals 
  • Transport to over 65s/elderly group meeting points
  • Anywhere you wish to go...
Contact us to discuss how we can help