Shana joined us about 2 years ago and has proven herself to be a valuable employee for Accuro and a great support worker for her clients. We have received lots of great feedback from her clients and others in the industry she has worked alongside.

We asked Shana to share some things about herself. 

Why did you decide to work in the homecare industry?
"I decided to work in the homecare industry as I wanted to give back to my community especially the elderly who are the reason we are all here today."

What work did you do before working in homecare?
"I was a stay at home mum studying to further my education."

What do you love most about working in homecare?
"What I love most about working in homecare is that I'm always meeting new people. I sometimes have coffee with my clients who open up to me about their life and it is just incredible some of the stories I hear. Every single person I meet, has a different story to tell. No two are the same."

What do you do in a typical day as a support worker?
"There is no typical day as a support worker as everyday is different to the last. The things I usually do are personal care, cleaning, meal prep and sometimes clients just like to go shopping or have someone over to have a coffee and chat."

What attributes do you have that make you a good Direct Support Worker?
"For me personally, I like to think I have a kind and caring nature."

What's your best tip for anyone looking to join the Home care industry?
"Anyone looking to join the homecare industry, do some research before applying to make sure this is a job you can and want to do. I get asked all the time if I enjoy my job to which I reply "I love what I do, I meet new people all the time and I love that everyday is a different day"