Selfies of Michelle

Michelle had plenty of experience in caring for others before joining Accuro. She had spent 7 years on the graveyard shift caring for the elderly in a nursing home and 3 years in home care. She loves home care as it offers a variety of challenges and each day is different. Michelle can on any day perform transport, domestic tasks, personal care and social work. She loves the opportunity to meet different people.

"I've learnt that we all have a story to tell,  some are hard and some are easy. But we all get on with life as good as we can. I've learnt never take anything for granted.  And that a smile will make you and your client feel a little better." Says Michelle about being a Direct Support Worker.

To be good at caring for others Michelle believes you need a good heart, a strong will and can work on your own or with others.

Michelle's best tip for working in the industry, "If you are a independent person who doesn't need to much direction. Have a background in healthcare or domestic cleaning, able to drive. This is your job."