Chloe completed her Cert III in Human Services - Aged Care, Medication Management & Epilepsy Training during her high school studies. With her Mother and Grandmother being nurses, helping others is something she was destined to do. She now has 12 months with Accuro Homecare under her belt and has found her favourite part of the job is to make clients smile and laugh. As a support worker her day tends to go quickly but she does enjoy a coffee and a chat with the client at the end of the service. There is one client she spends a lot of time with throughout the week that she gets along with really well. They watch movies together, go for walks or sit and talk about anything for hours. 

Client has learnt as a support worker that everyone's needs are different and has become more understanding of her clients unique experiences in life and what they have gone through.

Chloe's ultimate goal is to one day become a midwife. She was an aunt at 11 years of age and has been around little ones her whole life.

Her best tip for working in the industry "If you're not compassionate, don't do it!"