Transport services are available to anyone for any reason. All of our Direct Support Workers are licensed and have registered and fully insured vehicles. This service can be provided to you through a government funded package that you may already have or can be paid for privately.

Many of our existing clients utilise our transport services to get to and from medical appointments or for assistance with weekly shopping. You can also be driven to and from social engagements or just be dropped off at a place of your choice. It can be a one off request or an ongoing weekly or fortnightly service. You can also combine your transport with another service such as domestic support so, for example, one of our Direct Support Workers can take you for your weekly grocery shopping then assist with unpacking the groceries and perform some cleaning duties when you get home. This may be especially helpful during times of extreme weather such as the middle of winter or during the hottest time in summer or if you just have trouble getting yourself around.