The Accuro Homecare Difference

We at Accuro Homecare believe we have the most understanding and compassionate practices when it comes to delivering supports to NDIS participants, allowing them to achieve the most out of their NDIS funded plan. What we do to achieve this and why we are different from other providers:

Non Face to Face Services

  • What other providers may do

Providers have the option of charging you for completing tasks such as writing a report about your supports, conducting a meeting with your LAC or COS etc.

  • What Accuro Homecare does

We consider these tasks as essential to you achieving what you have set out to achieve and our role in your journey is to assist you to achieve these things. We consider this as part of our service and do not believe you should be charged any extra for us providing this, it is part of what we do!

Urgent and Immediate Services

  • What other providers may do:

Some providers will struggle to fulfil an urgent support request from you or struggle to replace your regular worker, who may be sick, with another worker. Some providers actually require a certain time periods notice to fulfil a request, such as 5 days or more.

  • What Accuro Homecare does:

We see all requests as important and urgent requests are obviously most important because they are urgent! Our systems and rostering team are super-efficient and can fulfil over 99% (actual statistic) of urgent and even immediate requests, we can at most times have a support worker to you within an hour!

Office Support

  • What other providers may do:

Some providers may struggle with the influx of calls, requests and emails and may not take your call initially, may not get back to you immediately or even call you back within days!

  • What Accuro Homecare does:

During office hours you will ALWAYS have one of our dedicated team answer your call. Outside of office hours we have a dedicated after hours number that is available at all times. If a message is left on the after hours phone you WILL receive a call back within 30 minutes at most, usually straight away!

Give us a call on 1300 554 983 and experience the Accuro Homecare difference.