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How to complete your Employee Handbook acknowledgement

NOTE: You must read the Employee Handbook before completing the acknowledgement.

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How to complete your Work, Health, Safety Manual checklist and acknowledgement.

NOTE: You must read parts 1, 2 and 3 of the manual before completing the checklist and acknowledgement.

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 How to complete a Work Method Statement (WMS)

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How to complete a Service Delivery Procedure

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How to return to your profile page at any time

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How to find a Material Safety Data Sheet

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How to read your private messages

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How to make your "Resources' list display correctly

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How to access the Leave Request form

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 How to change your password

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How to view which WMS's and SDP's you have completed

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How to answer your Brainbuster question

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If you are experiencing problem with your GEOOP app, the first thing to try is to "clear your data". You will not lose any information by doing this.

watch the video on how to clear GEOOP data on Android

Once you log back into GEOOP, wait at least 5 minutes for all the data to refresh.

If you continue to experience problems, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

watch the video on how to reinstall GEOOP on Android

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 How to upload a signature to GEOOP

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How to add kilometres to a job in GEOOP 

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